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A really special investment

I offer beautifully curated albums for your Wedding, Engagement session, or parent copies. I have been designing albums for  years, having worked as an Album Designer for a Photographer for 8 years before my own business. I use the same Italian Design company to make my albums now - each album is handmade, with the traditional 'print and bind' method. Each page is thoughtfully designed by me, then approved by you! There is a striking array of different cover options in all colours and materials, the option of a box, and a coloured fabric on the opening and closing spreads to ensure continuity. The favourite option is a transparent crystal glance cover image, and a cloud leatherette spine and back (shown in below photos). The albums make for a really special tangible way to remember your day.

I often incorporate a mix of designs into my albums. It can look lovely to see an album with a very simple, minimalistic design approach; with for example just one photo on each page. Alternatively, some couples may prefer a more collaged design on each layout - I can be flexible and tailor the design to each couple. All albums are 40 pages (20 layouts - double page spreads).

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Please contact me if you would like to arrange an album viewing

*For more traditional couples, full black leather cover styles can be offered, and a more minimalist design layout

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