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Countryside Camping Engagement

I love how every couple is different and it's just working with that to make beautiful images with them, and Ella and Sabrina definitely look so comfortable with each other - they look like they melt into each other! I don't think they really stopped moving, be that skipping, spinning or jumping! They came all the way from London for a dose of Devon countryside, so we incorporated their engagement session into their camping trip, and they really personalised the tent - you can definitely see their love of nature and bohemian inspired materials. It worked out really well - their bell tent was actually the only one in the field, and there were so many wildflowers around, and such gorgeous long grasses and golden light. Richard and Dilek who run Butterfly Meadow Camping were so accommodating, even making a little fire for us at the end! The good news is they are actually thinking of maybe doing Weddings in the future, I think that would be so amazing on their wild and peaceful patch of land in the countryside.

Ella and Sabrina

Thank you for such a magical time, and for putting such effort into the shoot! It was an absolute joy working with both of you.

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