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Spring Somerset Wedding

Thea and Steven were such a joy to photograph and they really light up in each other's presence which I think you can really feel in their photos together. Their Wedding coincided with the first beautiful signs of Spring.

Taunton Registry Office is undoubtedly the nicest looking registry office I have ever photographed in - and does in fact look rather like a Church interior with stunning stained glass windows. Thea and Steven's little boy Luie took an active role in their Wedding day - he was in fact the ring bearer, and it was adorable seeing how he kept excitedly watching through the windows in anticipation of Thea's arrival!

Thea also happened to be my first Bride who had a had train on her Wedding dress and a long veil! Usually one to like more contemporary dress, I was surprised at how beautiful I thought it was - I think seems to elevate each couple portrait in a way and make it appear so much romantic! Thea's dress also had the most exquisite embroidery.

Thea & Steven

It was such an honour to capture your day for you! I am grateful for you making me feel so welcome and I can really feel the warmth you have for people as a couple. I wish you all the best for the future and with your little man!

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