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Engagement Session

If you would like to go for a lovely sunlit stroll through a Woodland, a Rose Garden, the coffee shop where you went on your first date, or take me to the spot where you proposed, it’s up to you! It’s extra special if you take me to a place that has meaning to you; that shows your personality as a couple. These sessions are typically booked in one hour sessions, but you have the choice of booking multiple hours and splitting the hours throughout the year so that we can photograph in different seasons, locations and outfits. I particularly enjoy shooting in that magic golden light hour in the evenings! It's good to shoot in a location or season that's different to the season or place you're marrying in, so that you get a good diverse mix of photos, and in the different season appropriate outfits. It can also be nice to go for a more high fashion, editorial feel and really dress up for the photos!

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