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Frequently Asked  Questions

  • What do your prices start at?

    My lowest package starts at £1000 for 3 hours, however I can tailor my coverage to each couple - please get in touch with me if this is something you would like and for all my rates, it really depends on the hours of coverage, if you'd like an album, engagement shoot, or if a second shooter is necessary. All packages come with a password protected online gallery that you can order prints from and share with guests, unlimited prints and meetings, schedule help, and all selected edited photos on a wooden memory stick. 

  • How long will it take to get my wedding photographs after the wedding?

    I am very speedy actually and normally deliver within 1 - 2.5 weeks.

  • How many photographs will I receive?

    It really depends on how photogenic the event is, the hours of coverage, and how many guests there are as I try to photograph everyone present. Also if we say drive to different locations for couple portraits, that would be time where I wouldn't be photographing. On average, for a full day's coverage, it will be 600 minimum, and can be as many as 1500. I don't cap the number of images I give anyone. These will not be every single image taken  - this is a carefully selected gallery of images to present you at your best! 

  • Do you work alone or with a second photographer?

    I typically work alone - this just means I'm more busy! But I manage this well and love shooting each Wedding! If you would like photos of both Bride and Groom getting ready and it isn't feasible schedule wise for me to do all myself, then I will bring in a second photographer. Also this applies for large weddings so all of the guests are covered enjoying themselves.

  • Have you photographed at my Venue?

             If I haven't, I always arrive to places really early on either the day itself or if I'm staying there the day                       before. I will have a good scout, and also look for ideal places for the couple portraits. It doesn't matter                 to me if it's a new location for me - it often is. Part of the joy of photographing for me is not knowing                     exactly what the photos will turn out like, but having the ability to creatively solve problems and always                 produce stunning images nevertheless! 

  • How far are you willing to travel?

    I am based in Devon but travel anywhere around the UK, and also abroad.

  • Do you charge travel costs?

    I charge travel and accommodation at cost. Depending on where the Wedding is, and start times, it can often be too risky to travel on the Wedding day itself, so accommodation can be necessary. I'm happy if you want to book me somewhere close by, or if I'm left to my own devices in terms of booking, and I'll happily stay in a hostel, as long as my camera equipment is all safe!

  • Can you give posing advice?

            How I work is to let the day naturally unfold and photograph in a documentary manner (you may have                  heard this referred to as Photojournalism), however during the couple portraits can be when I can give                  some loose direction to make you feel at ease and keep things natural, and also during the groups.

  • Do you carry insurance?

            Yes, I absolutely do. I can provide evidence of this if your venue requires this.

  • Can we meet you?

            Yes, of course you can! Most of my couple live in a myriad of different locations, so most often this is on              Zoom meetings and we can discuss your Wedding schedule. I don't limit the consultations you have with              me.

  • Can we order prints?

             Yes - these can be ordered from the online gallery I send to you for you to also share with guests. These                are very high quality prints, and any number can be ordered, at any time, by guests also,

  • Do you back up your images?

             Fervently! I have multiple ways of backing everything up so you can be assured of the safety of                               everything. I also will keep hold of the files from the Wedding for a very long time.

  • How can we book you?

            It seems like we've got to the exiting part now! Well, please do get in touch with me to sign my contract               and pay the deposit. This can be as much as you like. It needs to be a minimum of 33% of your Wedding               fee.  The fee can be paid in three installments. I just ask that the last installment be paid at least one                       month prior to your Wedding day. After the deposit is paid, contract is signed, you will be in my diary,                   and I will excitedly await your Wedding day!

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